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United Way African American Leadership

105 Edinburgh Court, Greenville, SC, USA




  • Participate in a virtual orientation.

  • Fill out an application.

  • Submit to background check.

  • Complete online training.

  • Commit to mentoring a youth for six months.

  • Mentor/Mentee communicate twice per month (minimum).

  • Mentor/Mentee attend two coordinated workshops and a service project.

About the Organization

African American Leadership (AAL) has united African American leaders in Greenville County under a banner of philanthropy, volunteerism and community impact. Members connect on a personal and professional level and participate in a range of social and service opportunities, from mentoring students in Greenville County schools to participating in community-wide volunteer events. AAL is open to those who make an annual pledge of $1,000 to United Way of Greenville County.

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