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1220 Laurens Rd, Greenville, SC 29607, USA




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  • 1-on-1 Mentor

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About the Organization

Our Mission
"We exist to serve and equip our neighbors in their god-given potential, for the good of our community."

Our Strategy
Serving and equipping our neighbors to be community leaders.

We believe that God is renewing all things. The Gospel is the good news that darkness & despair won’t win the day, because Jesus defeated sin and death. He’s alive, and because of that we have a tangible hope for the future. We believe lives will be changed, and communities will be transformed, because we believe God is renewing ALL things (not some things).

So how is God doing that?
​Hope and renewal are spreading in the world, through people who have been filled with hope, and made knew in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We describe this as vertical formation (receiving the love of God) and horizontal formation (extending the love of God). Each of us is on a formation journey that will last a lifetime. We’re all continuing to plunge the depths of God’s love that we might be further changed by it. And we’re all continuing to learn how to love our neighbors as Jesus has loved us. That’s life… and that’s what we’re inviting students into. We summarize this journey with two words - Equip & Elevate. We are equipping students in their God-given potential, and elevating them into positions of leadership, to invest back into their community.

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