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About Greenville Mentor Collaborative

Mission & Vision

Greenville Mentoring Collaborative works across sectors to amplify the mentoring movement and to support existing and emerging youth mentoring organizations by expanding the capacity of organizations to provide high quality mentoring and by advocating for funding of mentoring organizations that advance equity and economic mobility for all Greenville area youth.

Our vision is that every Greenville youth has access to a mentor and that Greenville County is the state wide leader in youth mentoring.

Collaborative Values

Greenville Mentoring Collaborative moves at the speed of trust, realizing that authentic relationship has transformative power.


As a collaborative we value and seek to advance:

  • Active Engagement - Sharing information and mistakes openly and celebrating individual and collective successes. 

  • Bold Leadership - Committing to authentic and transformative relationships with collaborative members and in the larger community. 

  • Collective Impact - Commiting to advance equity for all Greenville youth by learning together, aligning, and integrating our actions to achieve systems-level change.


  1. Achieve a year over year increase in the number of mentors serving the Greenville community each year.

  2. Convene local mentoring providers to promote shared learning, collaboration and the implementation of strategies to address service gaps.

  3. Expand the capacity of organizations and systems to provide mentoring programs today and into the future by providing training and resources. 

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